Fixed Braces

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All thanks to Professional Orthodontists at Dentist sunshine who ensure to provide safe and effective orthodontic treatment options to improve various dental issues.
If you or any of your loved ones have crooked or crowded teeth or have unevenly spaced teeth you are at the right place for orthodontics services. We will tell you that you need braces and make you understand everything about fixed braces. It will not only correct the positioning of your teeth, but also work great in improving overall oral health.
We have years of experience in helping kids, teens, and adults to achieve straightened and healthier teeth using fixed braces. We are proud to serve patients dealing with orthodontic problems.

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What is Fixed Braces?

Fixed braces are the type of braces that are fixed to the teeth. You cannot remove them for eating or cleaning purposes. These braces are made up of metal or ceramic brackets that are attached to your teeth. All brackets are connected to each other by wire and shape is given as per your needs.
Several adjustments are done to straighten the teeth with the time until the desired result is achieved. So, it is always advised to have regular visits to our clinic. It helps our professionals to detect if there is any dental issue that needs to be fixed by orthodontic. Thus, you will get the right treatment at the right time.

Common Dental Issues Fixed with Braces

Always keep in mind that early detection of orthodontic issues can result in the correction of teeth misalignment at the right time. Some common dental issues that are fixed by our professional orthodontists’ team include:
In addition to these problems, we also use fixed braces in conjunction with orthodontic appliances to treat complex dental issues. These are used to widen the palate, to treat misaligned jaws, and to shape the teeth. We have experienced dental professionals to treat any kind of teeth abnormalities.
We follow a holistic approach to correct the positioning of your teeth. We ensure to improve the functions as well as the aesthetics of your smile. At Dentist Sunshine, we believe in a perfect balance of delivering cutting-edge orthodontic services and value for money.

How Our Orthodontist Can Help You?

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If you are looking for an orthodontist specialised in orthodontic braces or want to know more about this treatment, we would like to warmly welcome you at Dentist Sunshine. Contact us anytime to book a consultation for fixed braces or other dental services with one of our orthodontists.

Frequently Asked Questions

This orthodontics treatment is generally fast and ensures to bring the desired outcome. If you require complex tooth movement, such as crooked teeth, fixed braces are considered as a suitable option for you.

These braces are made of high-quality metal (stainless steel or titanium) or ceramic brackets. You can go with the one based on your preferences and budget.

Generally, this treatment lasts from 6 months to 2 years. It clearly depends on the complexity of the teeth condition and the patient’s age. Each treatment is planned based on the individual patient. Our professionals at Dentist Sunshine will provide an approximate timeframe after examining your condition and orthodontic assessment.

Our orthodontist will provide specific oral hygiene instructions. You can use a small dental brush to clean your teeth around the brackets. Also, make sure to follow the cleaning instructions regularly. Insufficient cleaning can increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. So, it is also important to attend regular maintenance appointments at our clinic during and after the completion of treatment.

Yes, there are alternatives to braces. But they are available depending on your orthodontic problem. Suppose, you want to correct a gap between your front teeth, then you can go for the dental bonding method instead of using braces for all teeth. When you visit Dentist Sunshine, the orthodontist will discuss all possible options with you. He/she will also make you understand whether there is a need for braces or not.