Root Canal Treatment

Professional Root Canal Treatment

Nothing feels, looks or works like your natural teeth. Maintaining them is essential and with regular brushing, flossing, and regular check-ups you can improve and increase your oral health. However, due to some circumstances, you may face deterioration in your oral health.
Due to infection or disease, you may have to compromise your natural teeth and have them pulled out. But, don’t take the decision hurriedly as you will know you are missing the real tooth and that can affect the quality of your life.
Instead of getting your natural teeth pulled out, opt for root canal treatment. It will offer you a painless procedure and often leaves with you a smooth and comforting recovery. This treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from an infected root canal, saving your natural tooth and preventing reinfection.
With modern techniques and devices at our clinic, you can relax about this process. We have one of the finest Endodontists and they will ensure you have a smooth and painless root canal treatment at Dental Sunshine.

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What is a Root Canal?

This is a conventional process to save your natural teeth from the extraction. A well-performed root canal will let your treated tooth function normally and regain its natural grace. The main benefit of choosing root canal treatment is that you get to keep your natural teeth that will perform better than implants.
Inside your teeth, there is a soft tissue situated beneath the white enamel and dentin. Blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues are presented in these tissues. These tissues will help grow the root of your teeth while they are developing in the earlier years.
A dead nerve or infection can cause severe pain and it needs to be removed from there. However, you need not worry as with us, you are safe from any harm or dental trauma as we have a team of highly trained Endodontists to perform this procedure safely.

Reasons For Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic treatment is required when your tooth pulp is either infected or inflamed. A root canal is also needed when your internal nerves connecting to are dead and that will cause you an immense amount of pain. Common reasons for infection or inflammation are:

1. Tooth decay
2. Damaged, fractured, or cracked tooth
3. Trauma to the tooth resulting in pulp damage

If you don’t get the treatment, you will feel pain or swelling in the jaw and gums. If you are experiencing aching and prolonged pain after exposure to hot or cold, discolouration, or swelling then you have pulpal infection.

You need not worry as at Dental Sunshine, you will get one of the finest root canal treatments as our panel of doctors is very experienced and have a very high success rate in root canal procedures.

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How our Endodontists Perform Root Canal Procedure?

The main motive of a Dental Sunshine Dentist’s is to save your teeth from various complications and bring the smile back on Australian soil. With the help of root canal treatment, we will save your decayed or infected teeth and save it from the extraction.

What follows are the steps our dentist will take to perform the root canal procedure:

Digging the Hole

With the help of a dentistry drill, our doctors will make a small opening in your infected tooth. You need not worry as we perform this digging process by giving you anaesthesia. You won’t even notice the drilling process.
Now, all the pulp that is either dead or infected will be removed from your tooth with the help of the specially designed tools. These instruments will clean your inside of the tooth and remove the infection if there is left any.
Once the dead infected pulp, along with dead nerves is removed from your tooth, it will no longer feel the pain.

Infected Pulp Removal

Disinfection Process

Our dentists will clean and sanitize your tooth with the help of antiseptic and antibacterial solutions. Our staff will make sure that it is disinfected completely.
After shaping the canals with the help of tiny instruments, our staff will select a root canal filling for you. It will be heated and then compressed into the walls of the hollow canals. This is the most important process as it will prevent your canal from getting infected again.

Filling Process

The Aftercare

After the completion of the process, our dentists will offer you thorough guidelines on how to cope with pain. Follow their instructions which will help you to maintain your natural tooth and bring your confidence back.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

There are many reasons for choosing a root canal, but the countless practical reasons have also weighed this decision. What follows are some of the benefits of choosing root canal treatment:

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If you are looking to get rid of your unbearable teeth pain and want to save your natural tooth, call Dental Sunshine. We are one stop for your various dental problems as we will provide you with great service and value for your money. Contact us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of a root canal without a crown ranges from $2,000 to $3,500. If you choose to go with a crown, then it can cost you up to $4,700.

The most basic alternative to a root canal is to get your tooth extracted. This is a painful process and you will lose your natural tooth in the process.

Yes, you can eat, but wait until the numbness is gone. It is because there are chances that you may chew your cheeks or tongue due to the effects of anaesthesia.

Yes, you can. Taking Ibuprofen prior to your root canal session can help you reduce post inflammation and pain.